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February 21, 1999 Meeting Notes

Meeting was called to order by President Doug Gabel at 2:00 PM with approximately 43 members in attendance.

Treasury was reported at $5,804.34 with all bills paid.

1999 DUES are due. If your dues are not paid by the end of March, you will be dropped from membership. We currently have 128 members with 33 members that have not paid. Make checks payable to Conewago Carvers and send to William Zech.

Seminar Update: The Ken Thomas March 20-21 habitat class has been canceled.

Polly Oerman's woodburning class will be held on July 10th from 9-2pm. We still have openings. Dave Steele's Fish Decoy class On August 7 still has openings. It is now likely that we will be carving a Grizzly Bear in the Debbie Edwards class. This class is full, but if you absolutely don't want to carve a bear, contact Butch. Seminars for the month of November are still open and undecided. We are waiting on calls from Jeff Phares, Paul Bolinger, Stu Martin, and John Burke. Butch also has information on the Done College (18-23 July) and Mid American Wood carvers (1-6 Aug) seminars. These are a great deal, prices are $375 and $220 respectively for the week. This includes your room, food and the class tuition. There are many classes to choose from.

All other seminars are as listed in the previous newsletter or can be seen on the web page at Contact Butch at 717-258-3804 or, if you wish to register or have questions.

1999 Show: Gloria Heard, Chairwoman, and Co-chair Linda Murphy held a Show Committee meeting February 12th. New revisions this year: We will be adding a Seminar Class category. One category only, for any seminar piece carved under advisement. Entries in this class are not eligible for Best Of Show. Also a 3 level Wooodburning category was added. We are also continuing with the Boy Scout Neckerchief category. Still looking for volunteers to help out with various the show functions. We especially need 2 volunteers to run the Silent Auction.

We will be having an Exhibitors Button Competition this year. The winning design will be voted on at the August meeting with the raffle items. The winner will receive $25. The design must fit in a 2.5" diameter button, be black and white, and be easily reproducible. While the design is up to the individual, it should contain: the show dates:30-31 October, Conewago Carvers, Name of the show, and optionally, Exhibitor.

Don Stueven, will be take charge of the Charity event similar to what we did last year with the Cone Santa's. He is looking to get TV coverage for this year's event from both Channels 43 and 8. Bring your ideas to the next meeting on what we can do for this year's project.

Jack Miller was contacted by Hanover Catholic High school who wishes to instruct a semester long carving class next year. They are looking for several instructors to visit 2 times a week, so the students see a variety of carvings. If you are interested in helping out in this endeavor, contact Jack.

Rocky Springs Carousel Project: Gary Peiffer mentioned the effort to raise money for the carousel continues. Dave Steel is coordinating the procurement of a $1400 full-sized basswood carousel blank. The Friends of the Rocky Springs Carousel Organization are looking for donations towards the blank and the names of anyone who is interested in working/carving on the blank. If interested, contact Gary Peiffer.

The club has purchased a small quantity of basswood for beginning carvers to use. The first time use is free, then a small fee to cover costs will be applied.

Discussed the idea of a Carve-in during the August-September time frame. If you have ideas, bring them to the next meeting.

The extra mile award verbiage was passed: The Extra Mile Award will be given each year at the club's annual banquet held in November. The award will be given to a member or members who have gone out of their way to make the club a better organization. Names of any active club member or members may be submitted to the President throughout the year of those who thinks are deserving of this award. Elected officers will make the final choice by the September meeting of that year. A "Certificate of Appreciation" along with a Gift* will be presented to the member/members at the banquet. (* No gift certificates)

Picnic: Change of location this year. The picnic will be held at Hoffman's Woods. We have been lucky in previous years that it hasn't rained. This new area will have a pavilion should it rain. More information to follow.

Bill Zech and Dave Murphy are still researching tables. We should have new, good quality tables soon.

Bill Also noted that Hanover Custom Lumber, 505 E Middle Street, has carving wood in stock, but when it is gone, that is it. Basswood was $1.90 a board foot.

Butch Dahl, brought up the idea of purchasing of carving magazine subscriptions (ie. Chip Chats) for local area libraries as way to stir up interest in the local community. We will discuss this at the next meeting, once the libraries are contacted to see if they have room for the subscriptions.

Welcome new member John LeClair.


Bill Zech: Peach seed carving of a Duck.

Cliff Rosborough: Wood Spirit.

Linda Murphy: Brought in some samples of Rain forest wood from Costa Rica.

Joe DeAngelis: Hobo finished in acrylics and a skier carved from a clown rough-out.

Darvin Heim: Dolphin, repaired after a dog-chewing incident.

Butch Dahl: Butternut Indian carved from the Jeff Phares class. He used wood bleach on the "buckskin". Also, a Walking Stick, aged to perfection and still a month early for competition.

Bill Martin: Pine Knot carving of an old man sleeping, a Gnome, and Hobo "Bill", a self portrait.

Ed Otto: Butternut Indian he'd been working on for 2 years off and on, taking lessons from Butch on the proper aging of carvings before completion. Also, a Sailor in a rain slicker.

Gary Peiffer: More Noah's Ark animals. Hippo and Rhino, luckily the kids relieved him of the requirement for carved ants.

Rod Flinchbaugh: carved clothes pins, or toothpaste roll-ups! Also a Snowman.

Fred Stumpy: Eagle head carved on Deer Antlers. Also, a Friendship Cane with 16 segments when completed. Carved from group that met on the Internet.

Dave Jarvis: Walking stick.

Wayne Hoffman: Duck carved from a Joe Klein seminar.

Marlene Zech: several woodburned plaques.

WoodWizard: Chip Carving competition:

1st Place: Nick Sciortino, Egg

2nd Place: Darvin Heim, plate

3rd Place: Joe DeAngelis, Spoon.

April's Challenge will be a song bird with habitat.

February Program was presented by Gary Ackers on Antler and Bone carving. One of his specialties is carving eagle heads, but he brought and discussed many different items. He uses power to carve everything from Ivory Boar tusks to the various varieties of antlers. Antlers can be carved with simple Dremmel type tools and a few bits. It does smell when carved, and you should use dust collection and a mask when carving. He believes Moose antler to be the best carving, down to Mule deer to be near the bottom because of the pithy center. Gary is big on getting teenagers into carving and offers discounts to get them more involved in his classes. One of his new ventures is making lamps and other furniture out of antlers. The lamp he showed us had the power cord snaked through the center of a complex arrangement of antlers and did not show. This lamp was made from white "sun bleached" antlers that were stained brown to look like they we newly fallen. This presentation was held at the beginning of the meeting. It was voted to continue this format change so more people can enjoy the program and be more efficient for the presenter.

Newsletter Information: If you have information to submit to the newsletter or web page, give it to me, Ed Otto, at the meeting, or send email to The Conewago Carvers home page was recently moved to a new site. It can now be reached at

NEXT MEETING will be on March 21, 1999.

Conewago Carvers are brought to you by:

President DOUG GABEL

Vice President JOE DeANGELIS



Assistant Librarian LINDA MURPHY

Membership BILL ZECH

Secretary- ED OTTO